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We talked to several residents in the rural area and have noticed that people were not happy with the way they had to deal with their waste removal. There were a few different problems they were having. The main problem was that it was time consuming. Taking the couple hours every week to take the garbage to the dump was wasting peoples valuable time, which they could use spending with their families. Stock piling the garbage was another problem. Stock piling the garbage so you didn’t have to go to the dump every week was causing unwanted and unnecessary odors bugs and rodents. Bins were taking to much space up on the property and are unsightly. Having to have easy access for the trucks to unload them, it was the first thing you saw when driving onto your property. The unwanted odor and bugs was also a main issue with having bins.

So we decided that we would set up a collection service, we would have set scheduled days to pick up your household garbage on a weekly basis, eliminating the problems above.


If you have any Questions please call Dan (780-608-0604) or Jason (780-608-6515) or